Equine facilitated learning with Kate Allore

There is more to medicine than surgery and prescritions.

Faith, hope and spirituality are all part of healing and recovery.”

~Dr. Allan Hamilton~


I have experienced, first-hand, the personal growth that can occur while working with a horse. This transformation can be experienced on many levels; through horsemanship, psychological, and/or spiritual, depending on your desired goal.  


During a challenging and pivotal point in my life, I attended an Equine Facilitated Learning Clinic in Longmont, Colorado, under Kathy Pike. Kathy is Author and Founder of the Mind Body MethodTM  approach to Coaching.  I then spent several years practicing and growing with my own horse, 9 year old PMU rescue horse, Braewyn, and several incredibly supportive and inspirational women from Rising Hope Equestrian Center.  


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Allan Hamilton (author of "Zen Mind, Zen Horse: Science, Spirituality and Horsemanship") at his ranch, in Tucson, Arizona.  I found that Dr Hamilton worked with humans and horses in the same way that I had found so very powerful.  These lessons have never failed to bridge over into my personal life to help improve relationships and communication, increase my sense of peace and enable me to greatly improve my health, physically and mentally. 


My heart's desire is to share this “tool” with anyone who also desires to find healing, to become aware of habits that cause blocks in their personal life, and to experience increased health, joy and peace.  You do not have to be a “horse person” to benefit from these experiences!